Libra Plus? A New Global Digital Currency Strategy for Facebook

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The Information reported Facebook’s Calibra wallet would be abandoning the backed-by-a-basket-of-currencies Libra for a set of fiat-backed digital currencies for different regions. The company quickly amended that while it would be launching those fiat-based digital currencies, it isn’t abandoning Libra. In this episode, @NLW argues these fiat digital currencies could be more readily adopted initially than Libra among Facebook’s existing user base. 

Also on this episode, huge news out of India as its Supreme Court reverses a 2018 decision by the Reserve Bank of India to ban crypto banking. The move could breath life into an industry that has been largely shuttered in India since the initial ban. 

Finally, a news roundup including a lawsuit against Twitter around de-platforming and a new router from HTC that can also run a bitcoin full node. 

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